Meditation As A Lifestyle Choice

Meditation is fast gaining traction across the globe and this is such a wonderful thing.

We truly are living in incredible times and have been on the verge of a huge shift in consciousness for a few years now, and we are so close to the tipping point. To the return to a more simple and easy way of life, that most people I talk to are yearning for.

Life for the past few years for a lot of us has been rolling at a faster and faster pace. Early advances in technology made life much simpler for a lot of us for a while, however I feel that we could do with a bit of a pause in this field to regroup.

Many people that I have spoken to over the past year or two in my work as a coach, healer and writer, have been progressively unplugging from the online world and returning to a life of more substance and meaning. Meditation is a great way to come back to centre and allow the process of thoughts and feelings to unravel as they wish, to let things flow. It is time out of life as we know it, and can lead to some hugely positive changes within.

Once we begin to allow these internal changes to occur, we can then pay it forward so to speak. We have seen a rise in anger in this world in recent years, we have seen a rise in Anxiety levels of people, a surge in the rates of Depression, and we hear all too often about people who are self medicating through a variety of methods, to seemingly just get through the day.

This concerns me greatly for a number of reasons;

  • What are the underlying causes for people feeling the need or desire to escape from their lives in the form of substance abuse or the like?
  • Are we as a society addressing the causes of the issues that seem to plague us as human beings? Or, are we merely managing, therefore enabling the symptoms?
  • Have we as humans neglected to learn what is means to be human in the first place? Before we cling to labels created by society external to our beings? Thus leading to a separation of oneself?

In most of my writing on my other site, I tend to cover these three questions more or less, in a number of ways. I believe that all three questions cut across one underlying issue, the separation from who we are under all of the layers that society has us wrapped up in.

Sure, a lot of things in this life do come back to personal choice, but if we do not have healthy foundations and boundaries, then would we not be making less than desirable choices based on us standing on shaky ground?

I’ve named this peace Meditation As A Lifestyle. Even now, when I read this back, my mind goes to a vision of all humans just sitting in a meditative state, much like buddhist monks in pictures that many of us have seen. But my intention with this piece and this headline is not to paint such a picture.

Today, when I rose, I felt that I had done so in somewhat of a heightened state. You know the one I am talking about. Where we may not have slept well, or we may already be thinking about everything we are doing for the day, or for the week, or still going over yesterday in our minds trying to almost alter the past.

I tried to Meditate in the more traditional form, but I just could not settle, often the case when most people start out, many try to relax, and often fail to just let things go for a while, which promotes a relaxed state.

I enjoy cooking, and I even enjoy cleaning, yes, it is true! The feeling I get after cleaning the house or my car and just looking around at my environment settles me, it always has.

I decided to start doing some meal preparation for the week. I had a million things out on the kitchen bench that I planned on cooking. I had the oven going, the stove going, pots were boiling over left right and centre. I had a stack of dishes building up. I then looked at the floor and decided that it was not clean enough, and that I could not stand on it any longer.

I started to become a bit overwhelmed yet again. But then I decided to just let that feeling go, and immerse myself into a trance like state and just get busy, all the while feeling incredible calm and relaxed.

Before I knew it, I had the vacuum cleaner going, I had the duster out, I had the mop bucket full of hot water, and the furniture all turned upside down. I’m sure most people can relate to that situation when mopping, when we almost mop ourself out of the room, and can’t walk back inside until it dries.

Well, this situation was fast approaching, so I decided to turn it into a little game. I had finished the lounge room, the hallways and the stairs. I had just the kitchen to do, but the thing was that I needed the kitchen. So I then decided that I did not need all of the kitchen at once, and plotted my movements strategically.

I left myself a spot in front of the sink where I would soon stand to finish my pile of dishes. I had finished all of my cooking and had my containers all laid out in order and they were ready to be put in the fridge. By the time I had finished the dishes, the rest of the room was dry.

SUCCESS!!! I thought to myself. I had executed my plan perfectly. My next task was to place all of my prepared meals in the fridge, and then mop the remaining section of the floor where I had been standing while doing the dishes.

In that moment I felt so incredibly calm and relaxed. I had that feeling of accomplishment that I get when I have finished cleaning. I had effectively meditated during the whole process, all the while if you were to look at me from the outside, it would have looked like a chaotic process. But my mind was focussed and I was achieving my goal that I had set, to meditate to calm my mind.

Everything else I had accomplished was merely a bonus.

I use this example today as just one of many that I could. I apply the same mindset when I am hanging out and bringing in the washing. This has not always been my favourite task, in fact, I find it quite stressful. Having a little OCD in my personality, all of the pegs must be the same colour, call me mad, but I just prefer it that way. To combat my unusual peg issue when hanging out the washing, I approach this task in a meditative mindset also, and again, it’s a bonus process as I feel calm and gathered afterwards, and have my task done.

Meditation as a lifestyle is exactly that. It is mindset and letting go of what is going on around us. Maybe you use a different term to describe it, I know  a friend of mine once referred to folding washing as therapeutic. Different things work for different people, something that is quite beautiful in this world.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments, private message or email, about how you meditate in general, or in your daily life.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you have a wonderful week.


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