Clarifying Your True Calling Through Meditation

I’ve talked about the many benefits of meditation over the past few weeks, but I feel like this one is the golden ticket, so to speak.

I feel like in the world as we know it, the notion of following our dreams and our passions, and living a life everyday that we are 100% proud of is so important to our wellbeing as a whole.

It can feel sometimes like life was ticking by at a relaxed pace for a while, and then it almost exploded into a pace never seen before by we humans. With the advances in technology forever evolving, it can almost feel as if we are redundant in many aspects of our lives, as computers and the like have replaced so much human to human engagement.

I was talking to a friend recently about how quick life is these days, and how long it has been since we went to school and that neither of us could have predicted back then, where we are right now. We struggled with the concept of if it was just us who feels like this, or whether everyone goes through this type of thinking and it is just our time.

I’ve spoken to a lot of people about this of all ages, and one conversation with someone in their 80’s sticks in my mind. They said that in their lifetime, they have seen so much change, but nothing like they have in the last 10 years, and they are just not sure about it.

I believe firmly that when everything going on outside of us and around us feels overwhelming, then this is our queue from our higher self, or the Universe as many speak of, whatever works really, is to get as still as we can and just be.

I found myself in this mindset around 3-4 years ago. I remember a feeling creeping up on me for a while that everything I was doing in my life, was not serving my true calling, and that it was time that I reconnected with what that was.

When we are children, we just do what we want more or less. We cry at the drop of a hat and more often than not, we are soothed by those around us. If we are hungry, we get fed, if we don’t want to play with someone, we don’t. Almost everything we ask for, we get in one way or another, within reason of course.

As we age, we are then subtly told that we must start to think about what we want to do for the rest of our lives, and this typically revolves around education and getting a job. We are then introduced to a number of skills and techniques to assist us in living in society as we know it, despite not all of the time wanting to co-exist with everyone, we are told that we must do so and be as polite about it as we can.

I’ve often felt like there is much that goes unsaid in this world, and that this expectation is something where everyone is thinking something, but saying something much different.

When I reached the end of my tether around what I was doing in my daily life, I took my thinking right back to when I was young, and I thought long and hard about what I used to do for fun, and re-introduced it all back into my life.

For me, I guess you could say it was simple. I used to do the following when I was young without fail:

  • Play the piano
  • Draw house plans
  • Write
  • Ride a bike

So with these four things in mind, I bought a new piano, a new bike, started drawing house plans again and I started writing. It was not until just recently that I tied all of these things together in that each activity draws on my creativity, and my desire to be essentially free.

When I am out on my bike, I feel like nothing, or no one can touch me. I rarely take the same route when I go for a ride, and I never plan when, or how long I am going to go for. Playing music is incredible for me personally, I am learning, as well as appreciating just how good a piano sounds, and I find that it has led me to looking for the rhythms in life all around me, further understanding the patterns that are all around us.

Writing and drawing allows me to channel all of my pent up creativity into a healthy outlet, and I have turned my writing almost into a career where I help and heal people through my words.

It is no coincidence that at around the time I started to re-evaluate everything, that I had joined a meditation circle, and was just getting into it. It was here that when I allowed all of the noise outside of me to quieten, and then all of the noise inside of me also quietened, and many things became much simpler, and I felt whole again as a being.

I’ve often said that finding our true calling in life can be both our greatest triumph, and most challenging at the same time. It can be challenging in the sense that often we spend so long looking outside for something to attach to, but more often than not, our calling has been there the entire time, inside of us just waiting for us to get still enough to notice it again.

So with all of this being said, and perhaps today with the November 2016 Super Moon upon us, is the perfect time to cancel everything that you do not need to do today, and focus as much as you can on getting still, and allowing the messages to flow from within.

Where clarifying your true calling is concerned, I find the following useful to do:

  • Have a piece of paper and a pen with you at all times.
  • Take note of what you do each day without fail, almost automatically.
  • Take note of what people come to you for.
  • Think back to all that you did as a child for fun.
  • Start to work out a plan for a way forward.

When doing the above, just allow what ever happens to happen, try not to put any pressure on yourself during this process, when the noise softens, the answers will appear.

I wish you all the best.


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