Connecting With Your Higher Self Through Meditation

There is no question that meditation is a powerful tool for many things in life.

Quietening the mind, clarity of thought, calming during periods of stress or unrest.

One thing which I became very interested in when I started my meditation journey, is the concept of the higher self, and how to reconnect with it to access the blueprint for life.

Today I will explore the notion of your higher self, what it is, how to connect, or reconnect, and what the benefits are in everyday life.

I might chop and change between “the” and “your” higher self, so please bare with me on this.

What is your higher self?

Your higher self is you. It is unconditionally you, free of attachment to the physical and material world. It is the real and authentic you, it is the driving force for all that you do here on the Earth plane. It is the knowing of where your life is going, that sits in the forefront of your mind, and allows you to see things before they come into fruition in the physical word.

The higher self is the aspect of our being that is in control of our soul or spiritual contract, or the plan that we made for ourselves in this lifetime before we chose to incarnate into our being.

So with this being said, does your higher self sound like someone you would like to meet?

Where IS your higher self?

The answer to this question could, and will no doubt vary for many. My definition of the higher self is that it is a knowing, a knowing that we are much larger than we seem. It is our childhood imagination that would entertain us for hours before the world as we know it told us who to be.

It is that burning inner desire to run and be free from the apparent constraints of the modern day world. It is a knowing that we are more or less just walking our selves back home on this journey we call life.

It is your thoughts, your feelings, your goals and intentions, it is the epicentre of all that plays out in your life here on the Earth plan. It sits up in the ether, and there is a conduit between you here on the ground, and it way up there in the sky, or wherever it is.

So as much as it is within each of us all of the time, it is often away from us all of the time. It can feel like that mystery just around the corner, that we stop just short of each time we get a little closer, perhaps out of fear of what will happen when we reconnect.

How do you connect OR reconnect with your higher self?

Firstly you should know that you are always, and have always been connected to your higher self. But what you are wanting to do is to consciously reconnect with your higher self. If you can achieve this, you will essentially be accessing your life plan, your very own blueprint to your life, written long ago.

I will now take you through some techniques for reconnecting with your higher self

  1. Listening

The first signs of me reconnecting with my higher self were when it began to sound louder in my mind.

We all have an inner dialogue, sure, some of it may be louder, and sometimes we may not be entirely sure where it is coming from, but I am confident we have all heard it. This can feel like our intuition speaking to us, a voice that accompanies that gut feeling we have about life, about events, about people.

One thing to try and figure out early on is when your higher self is talking to you, versus the Ego. The Ego is that voice inside all of us that tells us we can’t do something, or that we are not good enough.

The higher self voice is that soothing one that often follows and tells us that we can, and will achieve anything we set our minds to. It may start as a feeling, or a knowing, and is then validated by a voice. The more you focus on this, the stronger is will become, and the Ego begins to die a slow death, but not without a fight, and it will perhaps flicker like a dim candle for a while after, but like a candle, the wick will burn out.

2. Visualisation

Now, listening is not for everyone, some of us like to be the ones doing the talking, or the acting, and that is completely ok. Some of you may be more visual, which is fantastic.

For the visual learners, imagine that you are in the most serene of gardens, or forest, or by the water, wherever your calm and happy place is. Go to this place and ask your higher self to come and join you. Sure, you may feel a little silly at first, but just go with it and see what happens.

It is here that you may feel a presence approach, or one nearby. If you are doing this in a public place, please check that someone untoward has not approached you! I am often conscious of that occurring when I drift of to my land of zen in public!

Start to ask questions of this presence. Again, you will be able to tell early on if these answers are coming from the Ego, or from your higher self. When the answers to your questions start to sound wiser and more objective, you know your higher self is around and is here to field your questions.

Go for it!

3. Write or Journal

Another great way, and one of my personal favourites being a writer, is to write.

To either write with a pen and paper, or to get on my laptop, open up a blank word doc and type a question. And to then allow the answer (s) to come, and then type, or write it. Then ask another question, and so on and so fourth.

Again, in the beginning you may be getting answers from the Ego, but you will know when the higher self is present, as again, the answers to your questions will become wiser, and from a place of more authenticity.

Try not to filter what you hear, write or type, or change the answers out of doubt, just let it flow.

If it helps, play some soft meditative music in the background to promote a  more peaceful environment.

4. The Pendulum

Another of my favourites.

I have many pendulums, and while I do not use them as often as I did when I started out, I do enjoy them from time to time. The pendulum, I like to think, is connected to both our higher self and our guides.

Typically, it will swing from either left to right, or back and fourth. For me, back and fourth is always a yes, and side to side is a no, it has always been this way. Still though, I ask it a ‘test’ question each time, like “is it day time?”, just as a simple one. Ask only yes or no questions, and don’t doubt yourself, many will say your hand is influencing the movement, I do not agree.

5. Dreaming

I often say that I do most of my best work in my dreams. I thought of a movie idea in a dream once, what came of that was simply unexplainable in my waking state, so I chose not to question it. If you find you are going through a period of intense dreams, do not fear, keep a notepad and pen by the bed, and write everything down while it is fresh in your mind if you wake during the night or when you rise in the morning.

6. Lucid Dreaming

If you can manage a lucid dream, those are excellent vehicles for reaching your higher self.  The next time you find yourself in a lucid dream, ask your higher self to appear and have a conversation.

7. Guided Meditations

These are fantastic. I love guided meditations, as I love being taken on a journey. I have one in particular which I refer to from time to time to talk to my higher self in more concentrated state, and my favourite guide pops in every time too!

Try this one below, but there are so many more! Also too there are some great guided meditations for meeting your spirit guides, but I will get to that in another post!

What does the higher self look like?

There can be no definitive answer to this question. I feel like everyone has a knowing of what their higher self looks like, and so few are willing to talk about it, and really, rightly so, it is a deeply intimate relationship and there is no requirement to share it with anyone.

Irrespective of what your higher self looks like, it is more about how you feel in its presence, when you are fully connected, integrated once again if you will.

It is your ultimate compass, and is always pointing you in the right direction. 

Once you have reconnected, the higher self is the only compass you will ever look to for direction and guidance again. You will know when you are working in alignment with the higher self, and conversely, you will know when you are not in alignment. For when you fall out of alignment with the higher self after reconnecting, things will feel a little off, a little left or right of centre, and you will have a yearning for more substance in life.

Take this as your queue to get still and reconnect, the higher self is never too far away when it is called upon.

Have a date night with your higher self.

Once you have reconnected with your higher self, make it a regular thing. Speak as often as you can, and most importantly, as truthfully as you can, for the higher self does not, and cannot lie.

If you find that life gets a little busy and you miss a few date nights, your higher self will send you signs and give you little nudges throughout your days and nights as a reminder to block out your calendar and have a chat.

And when it does offer these gentle reminders, make sure you take notice of them and get back to who you are, your outside world will flourish when your inner world is nourished!

Thanks for reading.


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