Connecting With Your Spirit Guides During Meditation

When I was first introduced to my spirit guides during a guided meditation some years ago now, it was a moment of ‘ah ha!’ for me that I will never forget.

I have always felt a sense that there was ‘someone’ around me, guiding me through life and supporting me from afar. Often though, when we have a sense of someone in the spirit world around us, we look for confirmation, or validation of this presence, perhaps through a clairvoyant or a medium, or my favourite, meditation.

Below is a guided meditation I use from time to time when connecting deeply with my spirit guides, though I know they are with me all the time, it is still nice to connect this way:

I wrote at length on another site of mine about a profound moment with my guides, where I had a feeling that ‘someone new’ had come into the mix and I so desperately wanted to meet them.

Read more about that here.

When we meditate, our thoughts operate on a different frequency than that of our waking state.

We receive messages both from within us, as discussed in previous posts, and also from those in the spirit world who are around us and with us on our journeys.

I’ve long had my own theory that we may well be spirit guides for others to at this very moment, so in thinking about that, it is important that our actions are guiding others also, for they may be looking to us in their spiritual practice for guidance.

So how do you know if you have a spirit guide, or spirit guides?

As much as it is a knowing, I’d describe it also as a feeling. A feeling that there is someone, or a presence around. Perhaps you see a shadow moving out the corner of your eye, perhaps someone has passed who you were particularly close to. Or perhaps someone had passed before you came into this life, and as you have learned more about them, you have been having many ‘ah ha’ moments. I can say that this was the case for me with one of my guides in particular.

How do you connect with them?

Meditation is a great place to start. Getting still, allowing the ego based thoughts to drift away, and for the inner, more deeper thoughts and guidance to come in. You could choose to use a guided meditation like the one above, or another way, what ever you feel comfortable with.

How will you know when you have connected with your guide or guides?

Trust me, you will know. You will hear guidance from someone that is not of your own minds voice. You will perhaps get a visual of what they look like, there may be a certain smell, or feeling in your body when they appear. It will be quite profound and warm, and if anything, you will smile 🙂

Once you have connected with them, then what?

Talk to them, listen to them, be grateful for them, write things down.

We are all gifted with our own intuition, but we are also gifted with guides who help us along our path when we may be feeling uncertain, or when we know everything is going well, they can provide much validation.

When you ask for a sign if you are on the right track, why yes it may be the Universe responding in one way or another, but it will also be your guides showing up with information, or a new way of looking at a current situation.

When it comes to spiritual practices, there is no shortage of tools you can collect for your toolbox, anything new that you add can only enhance your practice, and your  inner peace.

Working and living with your guides

As we move through life, most of us gain a sense of peace. Things start falling into place in most aspects of our lives. Sure, not everything is always smooth sailing, but we don’t want that, if everything is done, and everything is in order, then where is the challenge? What will we do when we rise each day? When you feel you have discovered your guides, begin to work with them each and everyday, walk together, talk together, learn and grow together.

I remember once when I almost gave in to the concept that I had such guides around me, so I tested them. I remember hearing a buzz in my left ear, which, for me, meant an incoming message, and I remember literally saying out loud, “not now guys!”. 

I’ll say this, I have never done that again, nor would I never do it again. To get the cold shoulder is an understatement. I would not say that they punished me as a result of ignoring their calling that day, but I will say that life got a bit tricky that week, and perhaps the following months, and it took a lot of quiet time and meditation to get back on side with them, but we got there, and we still are there.

To finish

I can appreciate that this post may have felt a bit ‘out there’, but I also am confident in those who are reading this, that if you have come across these words here today, you have done so for a reason, and one which you are well aware of, and this post may be on of those ‘ah ha’ moments in your life.

Make the most of the time you have with your guides, and in particular, with yourself in meditation and any spiritual practice. I have covered many aspects of meditation over the past few weeks, and by no means am I done. I can only hope that your take home message from my words so far is that when life on the outer feels like it is getting a bit much, then this is the queue to get back to life on the inner.

This is the nudge from those who are guiding us to say “hey, we’ve got stuff to talk to you about”.

What a grand time you will have 🙂

Thanks for reading.


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