Re-Structuring Unnecessary Thoughts Through Meditation

We all have multiple thoughts running through our minds all day and night, be they conscious or sub-conscious, they are there, and affect each of us in different ways.

Some thoughts are productive, others, not so, and it is all too often that we give too much attention to the less than productive, or negative thoughts.

So what would a day look like where we focussed our entire awareness on the positive thoughts?

What kind of growth in our lives could we foster?

Is there a way that we can re-structure our less than productive thoughts into positive thoughts?

Those which we can manifest into all things wonderful in the physical world?

I say yes, and through the following steps…

  1. Awareness

How often do you check in with yourself over the course of a day? How honest are you with yourself? Are you basing your outlook on your day and your life on realistic expectations? Not of others, but of your own?

Awareness is a huge step in spiritual growth. No one being is perfect, but in saying that, we are all perfection in our own way. The sheer fact that our bodies do what they do day in day out, is perfection.

Our minds, bodies and souls are the houses that we live in, having an awareness of the beauty that this is should be at the forefront of our thoughts when we rise of a morning, throughout the day, and when we retire of an evening.

No one being gets it right every time, and that is the beauty of life. It is full of learning and lessons, and opportunities to do things differently the next time, should be not get the result we were hoping for right away.

Having a raw awareness of ourselves is crucial to growth as human beings, after all, that is what we are, not human doings  as it would sometimes seem.

2. The Breath

Breathing literally keeps us alive, along with many other bodily functions, the the inhale and the exhale keeps the body going. It is so easy to lose sight of this, and not check in with our breath at various times throughout the day, often, we tend only to check in on this when we feel like something is amiss.

But if we look at our breathing as a preventative, rather than a cure, to the heightened states we can find ourselves in from time to time, this alone can make a world of difference.

I have written before about the breathing square, where we take a breath in to the count of 4, hold to the count of 4, release to the count of 4, and hold to the count of 4, and repeat this, typically 3 times, or until we feel calm again.

During this process, the focus of our mind turns only to this exercise, and all else tends to slip away. Where we focus on the start, and then the end of an exercise or activity, there is little room for any other thoughts to enter our minds between these two points.

Cognitive Thinking

Something does not feel right, you think about it, you plot a course forward, you take action on this course, you complete the process, done.


Well, in theory, and after a lot of practice.

But even those who we perceive has being calm all the time and having everything together, work through multiple cognitive processes over the course of a day.

Much in life takes hard work, dedication and practice to perfect ones craft, a rare few are blessed with luck, the bulk of us must work at our craft, get to know it inside out, and be at one with it.

Becoming aware of a thought coming in that is not productive or positive is the first step, the next is to decide what to do with it, next is taking action on this decision. A negative thought is not a negative life, it too shall pass.

To Summarise

The title of this post was re-structuring unnecessary thoughts through meditation, and it may seem like the content has gone off track a tad. This has been done deliberately, to kick you into thinking that meditation is not just sitting in a cross legged pose on a rock by the ocean listening to soothing music, but it is in all that we do, providing we are aware.

Awareness is the first step in addressing an issue, when something in our lives arises that we feel will not, or will serve us, this is the situation presenting us with a choice to do something constructive.

If you go back over the order of the headings, awareness, the breath and cognitive thinking, it is sequential, it is a process.

When we first become aware of something that does not sit well with us, we look to our breathing, once we feel we have a hold on this, we look to our thinking, we then come out the other side of the perceived issue we had at the beginning.

We feel calm, and in control, or, an even better outcome, we realise that letting go of control is a way forward, and this can be where the magic happens.

I trust that this post has helped you in learning more about the process of re-structuring your thoughts through a meditative process, all be it you may not see it as meditation in its traditional form, which, is the beauty of it 🙂



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  1. Thx Jamie, needed the reminder today!!:))
    X from London!


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