Saying Goodbye To 2016 And Hello To 2017 With Meditation

The calendar year is once again coming to a close, and a New Year is set to begin, saying goodbye to the past 12 months, and hello to the next with meditation is a great way to close some old doors, and open some new ones.

Life has almost felt like it has doubled in pace in recent times, the rate at which we absorb information is forever speeding up, and there are more and more sites and mediums to access information.

Something that I have noticed in my own world is that when I am spending too much time absorbing information from the outer, and not enough time allowing my inner tutor (intuition) to guide me, I can start to feel a little scattered and disconnected from myself and who I really am.

In my younger years, I would live for the parties, I would live for the celebrations of anything and everything, New Years Eve being one of those occasions. In the last couple of years, I have noticed myself gradually pulling back from these events, and gravitating more and more to the quieter, more intimate gatherings spent with close friends, family and loved ones.

This year is set to be no different, or perhaps just a little, in that I am spending the day leading into the evening in reflection, and will be talking about my reflections with some special people in my life, whom I have attracted to me by solidifying who I am as a being.

This is not something that I have decided to do overnight, and has simply happened. This is a product of much inner work, growth, and courage. The courage to take a step back from life, in order to clarify my visions for how I wish my life to be. The courage to say no to people, when in my younger years I would have said yes just to be nice, to everyone else, rarely myself.

My focus and my growth has seen me take a leap of faith and leave a corporate job behind for a while and pursue my dreams and inner most desires, to explore talents I did not even know I had, and just run with it for a while and see what happens.

I won’t be spending my New Years Eve alone in a hut, crossed legged and chanting, for when the word meditation is spoken, many feel that this is what happens. But as I talked about earlier, I will be spending the evening talking with loved ones and close friends about what information has come to me in recent months through an increased focussed on nourishing my inner being, my soul.

It will be spent strengthening my visions and my goals I am yet to achieve, and taking stock on those which I have achieved this year, something that I rarely do, but have learn’t that when surrounded with other creative people, am able to do so more easily, and feel good about it.

Saying goodbye to 2016, and hello to 2017 with meditation could be something as simple as spending the day at home, cleaning and tidying all that you no longer wish to take with you into the future. New Years day could be spent basking in the cleanliness that is your abode, de-cluttered and sparkling, and just laying back with a smile on your face knowing that you are starting clean and refreshed.

Meditation is a practice that we can do for 5 minutes a day, or can be a way of life. It is your time with you, and solely your choice as to how you spend it. You are the only person who gets up each day and lives your life, and it should be first and foremost about living it for you, for if you are not taking care of you first, then you will be in no shape to take care of others.

So on the last day of another calendar year, focus as much as you can on allowing yourself to wind down, go into the evening with a relaxed faith knowing that what will be will be in 2017, and that all that has been done in 2016 is done.

Close as many doors as you feel you need to, and then wait for the new ones to open, and be ready with open arms, for we never really know what is waiting for us on the other side, but can do so with the brightest of smiles, and the happiest of thoughts, knowing we will do our best with it, which is all we can ask of ourselves.


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