Transforming Anger Into Calm With Meditation

Anger, many of us have felt it, and some of us can become all too consumed by it at times. It is not a nice feeling, and when we get angry, or find ourselves in a state of anger, often the first thing we want to do, is get out of there, and back to a state of calm again.

Having an awareness of our thoughts, emotions and our feelings at most, if not all times is key to living a healthy and happy life.

Awareness of our behaviours towards others, and to ourselves should be first and foremost in our minds as often as we can.

Meditation is a great tool for going from a heightened, or angry state of mind, back down to a cool, calm and collected state of mind, or being.

So how do we do it?

  • Acknowledge that you are feeling angry about something, about someone, or towards something or someone.
  • Go deep into your thoughts here; analyse how you are feeling, how you got there, and how you are going to get back to feeling calm again.
  • Meditate – I have written before about how not all meditation is the traditional type where one is sitting cross-legged on the floor humming. Meditative practices are all around us, check out this link for some tips I’ve written about before.
  • Reflect – It is important when we go through any type of transformative thought process to reflect after on what happened. What were the triggers leading up to the feeling of anger? Can you distance yourself from these triggers in the future so that you do not end up here again? If it helps, write out a timeline or the process that you went through, number it from 1-5, or however many steps there are. The next time you feel your triggers being pushed, try to stop at step one, go into your meditative state at this point, and avoid going any further.

Anger can sometimes be crippling, and can take a while to recover from, and it can truly be exhausting. If you determine a timeline of events leading up to an angry state, or a situation that gets you there, then you can calm yourself at step 1, rather than going all the way to step 5 and this taking more time than necessary, which, can heighten the state you are already in.

Regardless of the feeling or emotion that you want to transform, the word transform is key here. Have faith in yourself and develop a process that you can trust in, and soon, you will just be in a state of calm, most, if not all of the time.


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