Letting Everything Unfold As It Will During Meditation

There is no better time or place to allow everything in your life to unfold is it will than in meditation.

Much easier said than done in a lot of cases, but it is possible.

For a long time I felt that I had to have everything in my life sorted out, and I felt that I was the only one who was equipped to do so, and that I would be just fine.

How wrong I was.

Asking for help from anyone has been something that I have had to really work at, and to my surprise, I have never once been laughed at or judged for doing so, only praised.

In taking the first step towards sorting out some of the things that life can throw at us, that being asking another for help, this can alleviate much of the anguish that we can hold in our minds, and in our bodies.

Once we have taken this first step, and are confident in doing so, and in doing so again should the need arise, our own meditation practices can also become much easier.

I’ve read Marianne Williamson’s A Return To Love a number of times, and with the written and spoken word, often we get a new message each time we read or hear it. One thing that is talked about throughout the book is asking God for help, or releasing concerns we have about things happening to us to God, or to a Higher Power for them to do with them what they will, and trusting what they will do.

I’ve written before about releasing your vulnerabilities to your higher power, and about connecting with your spirit guides during meditation, today is about more or less combining the two.

So what is letting everything unfold as it will during meditation about?

Acknowledging that there is something happening in our lives that we cannot get past, but wish to release. 

As I talked about earlier, I felt for a long time that I had to sort everything out in my life on my own, and I was often too proud to ask for help. I learn’t quite fast after a few low points that this was not an ideal way to live my life, so I gave myself a break and I asked for help. In doing so, I was acknowledging that there were things happening in my life that I could not get past on my own, and in doing this was taking the first step to moving forward.

Release what you cannot get past to God, your Higher Power or to whomever you feel you can trust. 

Once you have acknowledged that there are things happening in your life that you yourself cannot sort out or get past on your own, decide on who or where you are going to release these.

A common example that people talk to me about is their intimate feelings for another. I’ve been here many a time too, and each time, have gotten to a point where when I meditate at the end of the day, will simply ask my guides to take all of my feelings and thoughts towards this person and situation and do with them what they will, and I trust in this process.

Sure, the first couple of times it can feel a little silly, or a little weird, but when you wake up the next day, take note of how you feel, you may feel a little lighter, a little clearer, a little more focussed on the other things going on in your life that you do have control over.

Trust that whatever the outcome, it is the right one, and is happening as it should. 

This here can be tough at first, sometimes in life we are not always where we want to be, but we will always be where we are meant to be. Life will always place us in situations where we have something to learn, something to master, and the something to teach others.

We are not any one place or situation in life, where we are is just a pitstop, on the road to something much larger than we can sometimes imagine at the time, trust in this.

Bringing it all together. 

Meditation is everything to some, and nothing to others, like a lot of things in this world.

Meditation, in many different forms, is the vehicle that I choose to download all that no longer serves me in my mind to a higher force, and for that force to store that download somewhere that they know of, but I do not.

I’m confident that most of us know that utter feeling of relief after we have accomplished something that we thought we could not, that outward sigh of air and the release of any tension we were holding during the activity.

This here is how I would describe the feeling of letting everything unfold at it will during meditation, and then allowing the processes in our lives to unfold also as they will, and to not stand in their way, for sometimes we ourselves, can be the blocker to moving forward.

All the best.



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