How it works


This is the screen that you will be presented with when you open the app.


This is the settings page. Here you can enter your name so that the app will welcome you each time you open it, select either 12 or 24 hour time display, enable or disable push notifications and change the background picture to a picture of your choice.


Once you have selected the come in option, you are taken to this screen. The “!” icon has information on each of the features on this page. Selecting “meditation” will take the you to the next screen.


You can set how long you have to meditate. The timer can be set from between 1 and 60 minutes. From here, you are taken to the next screen.


This is the meditation, a flame and silence. The flame will display for as long as you selected. Once the meditation is over, you will be presented with the next screen.


When the meditation is finished, you are prompted with this message where you can record any messages that came to you during.


This is the screen that you are presented with if you select the “my meditation” option from the main menu. You can pre-select times  to meditate and the app will send them a push notification to prompt you to do so at that time.


This is where the notes that are recorded are saved. You can access these from the main menu at any time.

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